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Wolverine, Michigan

The "hill" on Lance Lake Road.

Our Purpose

*The purpose of this website is to offer photos and information about the Village of Wolverine, Michigan. The desire is to faciliate those who live in Wolverine in serving each others' needs by making known what services are available locally. We are a small but peaceful community, situated in Northern Michigan; we have been here awhile but we are scattered amongst the hills and lakes and woods, and don't all know where to find each other, especially if we are new here. Many small businesses are nestled within our small community but we do not all know about each other.

If you have a business you would like listed, please contact us. We are currently listing for free as a courtesy. Wolverinemichigcan.com/wolverinemi.com does not endorse any of the listings on this site, we are merely providing a service for the community. Any missing listings can be corrected by your contacting us with your information and a request to be listed. We reserve the right to edit submissions.

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